Democrats Keep Changing The Rules Of Impeachment


When Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder ignored congressional subpoenas in an investigation into a scandal featuring a body count, White House spokesperson Dan Pfeiffer argued that administration officials had no duty to participate in what amounted to “political theater rather than legitimate congressional oversight.”

What’s the precedent? Does the White House get to decide what constitutes a legitimate congressional investigation? Or is it only Democrats who get to decide. Pfeiffer now says an administration that ignores congressional subpoenas is functioning “above the law,” an impeachable matter, so I imagine the latter. Because in the Trump era, rules are created on the go.

Now, impeachment is political option that should be dusted off far more frequently. It’s a shame House Republicans never used this remedy during the scandal-plagued Obama years. The country, though, needs some consistent standards.

Knowing that the Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to remove the president over his reckless call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Nancy Pelosi

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