Democrats Introduce Bill Allowing College Athletes To Unionize

Democrats Introduce Bill Allowing College Athletes To Unionize

The term “student-athlete” has long been used in order to justify the continued classification of college athletes as amateurs.

It’s a controversial topic, as major college athletes make their universities, and the NCAA, millions of dollars every year. Some believe — based on how compensation works in every other facet of American society — that athletes are being unjustly taken advantage of by a system which willingly and knowingly uses their athletic talents for personal gain. 

Others see the current structure as a way of keeping college athletics separate from professional sports, and point to the free education that many college athletes receive based on their athletic gifts as just compensation. 

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A new Congressional bill introduced on Thursday could put an end to the debate once and for all. 

The College Athletes Right to Organize bill says that college athletes who are compensated for their athletic ability should have the right to organize and collectively bargain. If passed into law, the bill —

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