Democrats express fears over voting by mail

Democrats express fears over voting by mail

Ann Mintz and Clifford Wagner have been struggling with indecision about the election for weeks. Their angst isn’t over whom to vote for – the Philadelphia couple are Democrats who support Joe Biden. It’s about how, precisely, they should cast their ballots.

They voted by mail without hesitation in the state’s June primary. But now there are new stresses. Will a slowdown at the U.S. Postal Service make ballots arrive too late? Will technical mishaps filling out ballots lead to the vote not getting counted? Or, in one even more complicated but possible scenario, would their mail votes be tallied later than in-person ballots, and will the in-person ballots be largely Republican, and will that allow Trump to prematurely declare victory on election night?

“The stakes are so high. We’re putting a lot of thought into it,” the 65-year-old Wagner said.

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Many voters who decided early in the coronavirus pandemic to cast their votes by mail have been rethinking

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