Democrats Disproportionately See America As Exceptionally Racist

Democrats Disproportionately See America As Exceptionally Racist

Democrats disproportionately see America as an exceptionally racist country, according to a new survey from the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute with YouGov out last week.

Fifty-eight percent of liberals, the Cato Institute 2021 Immigration and Identity National Survey found, think America is “more racist than most other countries,” whereas 16 percent of conservatives and 32 percent of all Americans reported the same.

More liberals, meanwhile, including 58 percent of those who identified as “strong liberals,” also saw themselves more as “global citizens” as opposed to U.S. citizens. Only 28 percent of all Americans said the same.

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Researchers interviewed a national sample of 2,600 Americans at least 18-years-old online March 5-15. The survey was completed with a 2.21 percent margin of error.

The findings coincide with an escalating movement from the left to vilify the United States as an irredeemably racist country built for the sole purpose of oppression through the lens of critical race theory embedded in culturally significant institutions,

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