Democrats Claim They Want ‘Unity’ But Keep Calling Me A Nazi

Democrats Claim They Want ‘Unity’ But Keep Calling Me A Nazi

After spending 20 years claiming that Al Gore won in 2000, four years claiming that Hillary Clinton won in 2016, and two years claiming that Stacey Abrams is the actual governor of Georgia, leftist media continued to reject basic reality when they unanimously declared that Joe Biden, on his third attempt, is now president-elect of the United States.

The facts that the Trump campaign is actively challenging some results, and that recounts are scheduled to occur, or that the media are not endowed with the ultimate authority to erase electoral procedure with their enthusiastic projections, to them are irrelevant details.

On the back of this media-endorsed “victory,” Biden took to the stage and delivered what the left are describing as a “call for unity.”

Former Vice Pres. Joe Biden calls for unity from both sides, put election rhetoric “behind us” after the election, as ballots continue to be counted across the country.

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“To make progress, we have to

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