Democrats Are Complicit In The Killing Of Our Police

Democrats Are Complicit In The Killing Of Our Police

It took Joe Biden three months to stand up to the insane left-wing of the Democratic Party and condemn the riots and looting that swept over America in this our summer of discontent. Even then, it was not so much a principled and courageous act but rather a political calculation. It turns out his progressive advisors were selling him a bill of goods when they told him average Americans were against America and its police, but some people were paying attention to Biden’s tacit approval of violence, and now our law enforcement officers are paying the price, some with their lives.

According to Rep. Chip Roy (R- Texas), 43 law enforcement officers have been killed thus far in 2020 — a 43 percent increase over last year. In some cases, like the horrific shooting in Los Angeles, the incidents are little short of assassination attempts.

At his rally in Henderson, Nevada on Sunday night President Trump could not have

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