Democrat Sean Casten blasts anti-lockdown Great Barrington Declaration

Democrat Sean Casten blasts anti-lockdown Great Barrington Declaration

The anti-lockdown Great Barrington Declaration has become a campaign issue in at least one congressional race.

Rep. Sean Casten, Illinois Democrat, decried the document co-authored by epidemiologists at Harvard, Stanford and Oxford as a “heaping, stinking pile of junk science” after his Republican opponent touted it at a debate.

“It is a heaping, stinking pile of junk science, advocating that we isolate the sick and the elderly and pretend that COVID doesn’t affect young healthy people in the name of ‘restarting’ the economy and herd immunity,” Mr. Casten tweeted on Sunday.

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His lengthy thread also declared: “The GBD advocates nothing more than killing Americans. That is pure, unadulterated evil.”

During the debate, Republican candidate Jeanne Ives cheered the declaration, which calls for using “focused protection” to isolate the elderly and vulnerable while opening up the rest of the society to “build up immunity to the virus through natural protection.”

“The Great Barrington approach that just came out, that great

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