Democrat Las Vegas Mayor Switches to Republican Party

Democrat Las Vegas Mayor Switches to Republican Party

Americans are sick of the current push towards socialism.

This includes democrat politicians apparently.

The democrat mayor from North Las Vegas just switched parties.

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Mayor John Lee announced that he is switching to the republican party for fear of democrat instituted socialism. 

Lee appeared on Fox News and had much to say about the democrats and their current political goals.

He said that he can no longer associate with the party, which he doesn’t even recognize anymore.

Lee had this to say about the socialist takeover:

“Here in Nevada, we’ve seen the full takeover of the Democratic Party by admitted socialists.” 

“I will not let the America I love be hijacked by an extremist left-wing mob that blacklists, bans, shouts down, and cancels anyone who disagrees with them.”

North Las Vegas Mayor Switches To Republican Party Over Democrats’ Progressive Lurch

— The Federalist (@FDRLST) April 6, 2021

The Federalist with this breaking story:

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