Democrat Candidate Harley Rouda Calls Trump Voters 'Morons'

Democrat Candidate Harley Rouda Calls Trump Voters 'Morons'

Former Democrat Rep. Harley Rouda (CA), who is running to get his old seat he lost to Republican Rep. Michelle Steel (CA), called Republicans who voted for former President Donald Trump “morons.”

Rouda’s comments were made at a town hall hosted by the Laguna Beach Democratic Club, Fox News reported.

During his remarks, Rouda said, “Trump being at the top of the ticket” in 2020 was one of the reasons he lost his House seat, according to an “audit” he did.

He went on to say that “The fact that six million more ‘morons’ voted for this man, is mind-boggling to me,” but he noted, “Thank goodness about 11 more million Americans voted for [President] Joe Biden.”

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Rouda also blamed Democrat “low-propensity, uninformed voters who came out and voted for Trump and the down the ticket.” He said that “impacted” him.

He continued, “When you look at this district, it was

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