‘Democracies are fragile’: Anxieties about election legitimacy and violence rise

‘Democracies are fragile’: Anxieties about election legitimacy and violence rise

WARREN, Michigan — Voters on both sides of the aisle are experiencing rising anxieties about worst-case post-election scenarios no matter who wins — anxieties over a year of economic and health hardship, social isolation, and riots across a deeply divided country, outrage at the result of the election, and the suspicion that it is illegitimate.

“I have never in my life been more terrified,” Susan Stephenson told the Washington Examiner, adding, “if Trump gets elected, that there is going to be all this craziness … this huge, violent thing.”

Stephenson, a retired teacher who resides in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, had just experienced a near-shouting match with a pro-Trump demonstrator outside where Joe Biden gave a speech in Warren, Michigan, on Wednesday. The Trump supporter yelled about Democrats being crooks and socialists, so she, a Biden supporter, whipped out her cellphone to record him. It was not the only heated exchange of words between pro-Trump demonstrators and a

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