Dem Sen Candidate in Vital Race Now Apologizing for 'Racist' Monkey Joke

Dem Sen Candidate in Vital Race Now Apologizing for 'Racist' Monkey Joke

Is what senatorial candidate Mark Kelly said in 2018 racist? By the standards of the left, the answer could very well be yes.

Kelly is the Democratic nominee for the upper chamber in Arizona and the husband of Gabrielle Giffords, the former congresswoman who survived an assassination attempt in 2011 and who has since become an advocate for gun control.

He’s also a former astronaut and Navy pilot, all of which would be a fairly impressive resume if there weren’t issues elsewhere. (For instance, on his record with China.)

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Then there’s the unpleasant matter of “Rodrigo.”

Rodrigo, for those of you unaware, was apparently the new name of Kelly’s brother Scott, also a former astronaut. During a 2018 appearance before the Boy Scouts of America, Northern New Jersey Council, Mark Kelly was asked if Mars would ever be colonized.

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He mentioned that his brother had spent a

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