Dem Governor Threatens Jail Time For Thanksgiving Family Gatherings

Dem Governor Threatens Jail Time For Thanksgiving Family Gatherings

Emboldened by the lack of resistance to their dictatorial lockdowns, Democrat governors are once again wielding their iron fists in an exercise of pure cruelty timed to punish their subjects for the holidays. 

The media has been diligently fanning the flames of hysteria over a spike in coronavirus “cases” that misrepresent the true numbers by including false positives, as well as those who are unsymptomatic and totalitarian Democrats, are making their move to cancel the traditional Thanksgiving holiday. 


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The week following the election has seen multiple Democrats imposing a second series of the crushing orders that have made citizens prisoners in their own homes but one governor has now gone as far as to threaten violators with jail time. 

Oregon’s Kate Brown has gone the full fascist by vowing to send her goons into the homes of those who defy her decree to limit gatherings to no more

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