Delingpole: Woke History Audit Confuses Anti-Slaver with Slaver

Delingpole: Woke History Audit Confuses Anti-Slaver with Slaver

A street in Wales has been put on the naughty step by the Welsh government because of its supposed historical associations with the slave trade. But the man after whom it is named was in fact one of Britain’s most ardent and heroic anti-slavers.

Peel Street in Wrexham is one of dozens of streets put on a warning list as part of a £170,000 audit — The Slave Trade and the British Empire — commissioned by the Welsh government in the wake of the briefly fashionable Black Lives Matter protests.

Though it doesn’t make it onto the Red danger list reserved for alleged monsters like Christopher Columbus, Lord Kitchener, Clive of India, and Francis Drake — “definite personal culpability” — it does make it onto the next-worst amber list marked “personal culpability uncertain”.

But the only reason it’s “uncertain” is because of the sloppiness of the woke crusaders who put the report

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