Delingpole: This Woke Comedy Is Why We Hate the BBC

Delingpole: This Woke Comedy Is Why We Hate the BBC

Just in case you haven’t cancelled your £159 licence fee, yet, the BBC has issued a helpful reminder.

It takes the form of the most nauseatingly woke ‘comedy’ skit this irredeemably woke propaganda organisation has yet broadcast.

Here it is. (Keep some needles handy to stick in your eyes in case it all gets too much)

Yikes. #Shrill

— BBC Three (@bbcthree) May 23, 2021

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In case you couldn’t bring yourself to watch, let me briefly summarise the contents of the sketch.

A skinny white blonde American girl goes into a hairdresser’s salon.

An overweight black woman asks how she would like her hair.

The blonde [somewhat implausibly, but hey, this is wacky comedy] shows a picture of Bob Marley in his trademark dreadlocks.

Blonde: Don’t you think I can pull that off?

Black Woman: I don’t, erm. But it’s not really about that. Don’t

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