Delingpole: No, the Western Wildfires Weren't Caused by 'Record Heat'

Delingpole: No, the Western Wildfires Weren't Caused by 'Record Heat'

California governor Gavin Newsom wants to blame the wildfires on record-breaking temperatures in LA County. So does Joe Biden; so too does the LA Times which claims that this ‘sizzling summer’ was the ‘Hottest August on Record’ in California. The not-so-subtle implication, of course, is that this is another case of ‘man-made global warming’ putting lives, property and the natural landscape at risk.

But this is pure green propaganda which bears no relation to the actual facts.

In 1859, Los Angeles County recorded temperatures of 133 degrees F. (The ‘record-breaking temperature claimed by Newsom was a relatively balmy 121 degrees F).

According to the 1859 San Francisco Chronicle, cited by Tony Heller:

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In…eastern parts of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties, the mercury rose in the shade to the startling figure of 133 degrees.

Cattle full in flesh perished in the fields and birds dropped lifeless from the trees in

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