Delingpole: Johnny Mercer MP Just Called Me a C***

Delingpole: Johnny Mercer MP Just Called Me a C***

Johnny Mercer MP has called me a “c***” on Twitter.

Without people like you.

Stop being a selfish c**t, and put on a mask.

— Johnny Mercer (@JohnnyMercerUK) September 12, 2020

Obviously I’m flattered to be likened to my favourite anatomical feature. Even so, even in 2020, is it really appropriate that a minister of Her Majesty’s government should be using such language against members of the public on social media?

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Johnny Mercer is a junior government minister at the Ministry of Defence — Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for People and Veterans, no less.

Under the Conservative party’s code of conduct for ministers, this requires him to:

Lead by example to encourage and foster respect and tolerance

Treat others in a professional and straightforward manner

Act with honesty and probity and in a manner which upholds the reputation and values of the Conservative Party.


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