Delaware Democrats Fast-Track Legislation To Confiscate ‘High Capacity’ Magazines

Delaware Democrats Fast-Track Legislation To Confiscate ‘High Capacity’ Magazines

The Delaware Senate passed legislation banning “high capacity” magazines last week, forcing residents to sell such devices to law enforcement or risk prosecution.

The magazine legislation and another gun control bill requiring a license to purchase a handgun passed without any Republican support through the Democrat-controlled chamber on Thursday. The bills will now move to the Democrat-controlled House and, if passed, to Gov. John Carney’s desk.

Earlier in the week, Democratic leaders in the Senate suggested they planned to force the bills through without GOP support if necessary in the interest of public safety.

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“The urgency for public safety laws that will protect Delawareans from the threat of gun violence gripping our communities must be carefully balanced with our duty to provide fair public notice of measures being considered by our chamber,” Senate President Pro Tempore David Sokola and Majority Whip Elizabeth Lockman said in the statement.

“These policies are not new and, put simply, Delawareans have waited too long for us to act

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