DeFi Reaches Milestone $50B Total Value Locked

DeFi Reaches Milestone $50B Total Value Locked

The initial growth of the DeFi industry helped to lay the foundation of the current bull market. Innovation in the decentralized finance sector helped fuel Ethereum’s growth, and once Bitcoin got going, the rising tide lifted all other boats.

Doing away with any fears of the tide rolling back out just as quickly as it rolled in, the total value locked in DeFi applications has achieved a staggering milestone of $50 billion and climbing. Here’s a look back at the year since the sector began to shine, how it has helped Ethereum soar to new highs, and what’s next for decentralized finance.

Total Value Locked In DeFi Achieves Milestone $50 Billion As Ethereum Hits New Highs

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During the 2017 bull run, the promise of ICOs and altcoins with the potential to beat Bitcoin helped to drive the uptrend to unimaginable heights. But it all came crashing down once the bubble popped because there was little value or actual activity

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