Dean: 'Neo-Fascists' Republicans 'Undermining Democracy' Like 'Hitler Did'

Dean: 'Neo-Fascists' Republicans 'Undermining Democracy' Like 'Hitler Did'

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that Republicans were “undermining democracy” like “Hitler did.”

Dean said, “We are watching something that we haven’t seen for a long time in this country, but it happens in many democracies, and it is the weak point of democracies when one side figures out how to use democracy to undermine democracy. So what these folks are doing, essentially, is what Hitler did. It is what Viktor Orbán did in Hungary.”

He continued, “Democracy dies because you no longer care about democracy. The Republicans have no commitment to democracy at this point. There are very few that do. Kinzinger is somebody who stood up. Liz Cheney stood up for what is right. Most are running around subservient to somebody who never cared about democracy, and that’s Donald Trump. So this next few years will determine whether the

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