DC police chief ‘stunned’ by slow National Guard rollout at Capitol riot

DC police chief ‘stunned’ by slow National Guard rollout at Capitol riot

The acting chief of Washington, DC’s Metropolitan Police Department was “stunned” by a lack of urgency in deploying the National Guard to quash the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol.

Testifying Tuesday before a Senate panel on the insurrection, Chief Robert Contee recalled a group phone call he had with now-former Capitol Police Chief Steve Sund, US Army leaders and Washington, DC officials as the unrest spiraled out of control.

“Chief Sund was pleading for the deployment of the National Guard,” said Contee. “And in response to that, there was not an immediate ‘Yes, the National Guard is responding. Yes, the National Guard is on the way. Yes, the National Guard are being re-staged from traffic posts to respond.”

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Rather, Contee said, officials were more concerned about dotting i’s and crossing t’s as violent supporters of then-President Trump flooded the halls of Congress, sending lawmakers including Vice President Mike Pence fleeing in fear for their lives.


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