Dash Isn’t a Privacy Coin, According to Andreas Antonopoulos

Dash Isn’t a Privacy Coin, According to Andreas Antonopoulos

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In a recent exchange on Twitter regarding enhancing privacy on Bitcoin transactions, renowned cryptocurrency educator Andreas Antonopoulos opined that Dash should not be considered a privacy coin, saying,

“Dash isn’t a privacy coin. It’s about as private as Bitcoin, only has far less liquidity and use, so its anonymity set is worse. It just has privacy ‘mythology’ that isn’t based on facts, [as far as I know].”

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This comment points out that Dash’s technical structure is no different than that of Bitcoin when it comes to privacy. Further, it’s in line with a 200% price growth Dash saw last week and a 282% increase in its trading volumes, which suggests that different treatment by regulators and exchanges might not be consistent.

Both Dash and Bitcoin (as well as its major forks) typically employ CoinJoin, a method of mixing together funds from several different users, to achieve privacy. Dash differentiates itself from the major

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