DApps can now send push notifications to Ethereum wallet users

DApps can now send push notifications to Ethereum wallet users

An Indian startup has built a decentralized notification protocol dubbed Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) allowing DApps to send push notifications to Ethereum wallet users.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, EPNS founder Richa Joshi said that they developed the protocol after finding a striking similarity between how applications operated in the early days of the internet and how they operate on Web 3.0.

She explained that Gmail or Orkut did not send notifications in their early days as they do now. Users would have to check back every time to see if they received any new emails or messages.

That changed when Apple launched notifications for internet applications in 2010, Joshi added, saying: 

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“All of a sudden, services began to reach out to users whenever an action was required from their end. It increased the engagement rate by 7x and massively improved user experience.”

From that perspective, she said, DApps, smart contracts and other decentralized services on Web 3.0

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