Dallas Resident Is Hospitalized After Getting Monkeypox

Dallas Resident Is Hospitalized After Getting Monkeypox

A Dallas resident is hospitalized after testing positive for the rare illness called Monkeypox.

The patient was flying from Nigeria and had a layover in Atlanta before arriving in Dallas, Texas.

After landing in Dallas the patient did not check into a hospital until four days later after experiencing serious symptoms.

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Local health officials and the CDC came to the conclusion that the patient had Monkeypox which is rare and deadly illness.

The symptoms usually start off as flu-like illness, swollen lymph nodes and widespread rashes on the face.

As of right now the CDC believes there’s no real threat of a Monkeypox  outbreak due to the fact the patient had very little contact with people.

CDC says 1 person has tested positive for monkeypox after flying to the U.S. from Nigeria. The patient has been hospitalized in Dallas pic.twitter.com/2aSaE8qk9W

— BNO Newsroom (@BNODesk) July 16, 2021

Rare case of monkeypox found in Texas resident who

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