D.C. Statehood Is A Democrat Power Grab

D.C. Statehood Is A Democrat Power Grab

As bad idea after bad idea issues from the Biden White House and the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, one feels the decidedly adolescent impulse to roll one’s eyes and go “ugh. We’ve TALKED about this.”

Packing the courts? We’ve talked about this. Abolishing the Electoral College? We’ve talked about that, too. And making D.C. a State? Gahh, we have definitely already talked about this one, MOM.

All of these dreadful suggestions have been floated again and again throughout our history, then crushed under the weight of their manifold logical and constitutional flaws. More often than not their own supporters have come to realize that whoops, this was actually not such a great idea after all, and their brilliant new idea was actually just the same old bad idea. We have, I say once again, talked about this.

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In the case of DC statehood — now a favorite pet project of our leftist ruling class — the answer should be obvious. It’s flatly unconstitutional. But apparently that’s not obvious, so (*sigh*) here

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