CyberFi – An Intelligent Trading and Automation Platform for DeFi

CyberFi – An Intelligent Trading and Automation Platform for DeFi

While the decentralized finance (DeFi) space is not new, it has experienced massive growth to surpass $37 billion. Consequently, the sector attracted a lot of attention, which, in turn, led to the unearthing of multiple deficiencies that the industry has. As a result, many projects have been continuously cropping up to address these issues. While the projects are working at a record pace to tackle these challenges, the industry still has a lot of upgrading to do.

Enhance the DeFi Experience

Chipping in to help solve one of DeFi’s insufficiencies is CyberFi, a startup that seeks to offer intelligent trading and enhanced automation to make DeFi user-friendly. The project is a new-gen intelligent trading and automation platform (ITAP). It is described as a multi-product ecosystem that comprises automation products, seeking to enhance the DeFi experience.

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CyberFi is the first platform of its kind that aims to fill a gap in DeFi trading by addressing a variety of issues, including

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