Curate, Next Generation Yield Farming

Curate, Next Generation Yield Farming

PRESS RELEASE. Curate decentralized platform has set the goal of maximizing the DeFi potential. The main task is to create a complete platform autonomy with a gradual transition to self-management by community members. Curate is an autonomous full-cycle ecosystem. Platform members use ETH-Xcur LP tokens to mine Curate (Xcur) tokens. helps all the investors earn 1613% APY of what they are investing without working. All that you have to do is provide liquidity for Xcur, deposit your tokens on the site and watch as your profits start rising.

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Curate Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Curate is a platform based on blockchain technology and ERC-20 token smart contracts, which rewards users with digital tokens such as BTC, ETH, and its native utility token XCUR, in return for curating fashion styles. Essentially, it is a style discovery decentralized app (DApp). It provides a trustless platform to its users to provide their feedback on a

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