“Cuomosexuals” Form Group To Defend “The Most Handsome Man In New York”

“Cuomosexuals” Form Group To Defend “The Most Handsome Man In New York”

The pickings must really be slim in NYC when it comes to men these days.

Why else would a whole group of women be defending alleged sex abuser Andrew Cuomo of all people?

According to Fox Business:

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A group of “Cuomosexuals” have formed an online fan group for embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo — and say they have been bombarding a state hotline set up to report allegations against to governor, according to a new report.

Cuomo, a divorced 63-year-old dad, has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, including groping and kissing, by a slew of women, many former aides.

The governor — who gained a large mainly female following, dubbed the “Cuomosexuals,” over his once-daily COVID-19 briefings — has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

He responded to the allegations against him again last week by saying that while he has “touched people,” it only involved such things as shaking hands, not unwanted sexual advances.



They couldn’t find a more gross-sounding name for their group than that?

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