Cuomo relaxes COVID-19 nursing home restrictions amid protests

Cuomo relaxes COVID-19 nursing home restrictions amid protests

The Cuomo administration is relaxing coronavirus restrictions at nursing homes to allow family members in-person visits with loved ones for the first time since the pandemic hit in March.

The announcement Tuesday by state Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker comes just three days after relatives of nursing home residents held a rally outside the governor’s Manhattan office protesting the restrictive policy.

The new policy will resume limited visitation for facilities that have been without COVID-19 for at least 14 days — half the 28-day rule that has been in effect since early July.

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Nursing home advocates and family members said the 28-day infection free policy was too restrictive, with only a small percentage of the 613 nursing homes meeting the criteria to allow visitors.

But Zucker said the updated guidance will allow visitation in approximately 500 of the state’s 613 nursing homes.

“We understand how trying it has been for New Yorkers to not see their loved ones and

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