Cuban Slave Doctors Admit to Faking Coronavirus Treatment Data

Cuban Slave Doctors Admit to Faking Coronavirus Treatment Data

Doctors forced to work for Cuba’s slave doctor program revealed in remarks Thursday they fabricated data on Chinese coronavirus investigations, making up names of “patients” they had treated who did not exist to make the Communist Party appear more productive.

Similarly, doctors lied about the kind of treatment they were offering, sometimes listing an individual who visited a clinic with a question as someone who had just received an advanced surgery. Officials in Havana actively encouraged this, according to the anonymous doctors who spoke to Diario de Cuba on Thursday. The doctors are participating in a case organized by the non-governmental organization (NGO) Cuban Prisoners Defenders against the Communist Party before the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC can only process cases in which defendants stand accused of genocide, war crimes, or crimes against humanity, of which slavery is the latter.

Hundreds of doctors have defected from Cuba’s medical slavery, denouncing the

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