Cuban Dissidents Plan 'Transition and Reconstruction' After Communism

Cuban Dissidents Plan 'Transition and Reconstruction' After Communism

A coalition of over 20 dissident organizations spanning 11 provinces in Cuba recently held a “Congress of the Cuban Nation” to address not just the eradication of communism, but the republic that should replace it, the Assembly for the Cuban Resistance confirmed to Breitbart News on Friday.

The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance is a coalition of pro-democracy, human rights groups both on the island and in the diaspora, many of which participated in the Congress of the Cuban Nation. Many of its member groups participated in the discussions. The events – 63 different meetings addressing topics from the reunification of the island population with the Cuban diaspora to the creation of “joint commissions for the transition and reconstruction” of the country following 62 years of communism – took place last week. They served as a vision of what a Congress representing all facets of a nation should be, the

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