Cuban asylum seeker remains detained by ICE without parole


EL PASO, Texas (AP) – Cuban Ariel Guzman waited four months in a Mexican border town for his turn to seek asylum in the U.S., legally.

Immigration agents placed Guzman – whose anti-communist views made him a target of the Cuban government – in handcuffs and chains and bused him to federal detention.

“We came to a country where freedom of expression is permitted, where liberty is allowed,” the former IT professional told the El Paso Times, speaking for himself and other detained Cubans. “We understood that the United States is a place that respects laws, the only country that has signed all the international accords on human rights.”

“So we don’t understand why they have detained me and the other asylum seekers without parole,” he said. “They have in many cases given incoherent explanations.”

Detention without parole remains a centerpiece of the Trump administration’s crackdown on asylum seekers. ICE field offices including El Paso, Los Angeles and New

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