Cuba: Police Leave AP Photographer Bloody After Public Beating

Cuba: Police Leave AP Photographer Bloody After Public Beating

Communist Party security forces in Cuba brutally assaulted an Associated Press photographer and several other international journalists attempting to cover protests against the regime on Sunday, leaving them visibly injured.

Beginning Sunday morning, thousands of Cubans spontaneously gathered in at least 20 cities across the island to protest the communist regime, waving American flags and chanting “freedom.”

Havana has responded with brutal methods to suppress the demonstrators, using police force and evidently, live rounds, the discharge of which protesters have filmed. Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, Raúl Castro’s public figurehead, called for street “combat” against the agitators in a bellicose Sunday speech.
“We are willing to give our lives. They will have to pass over our corpses if they want to confront the Revolution,” he said. “The order of combat is issued, revolutionaries to the streets.”

Reportedly beginning in San Antonio de los Baños, a town in the island’s West,

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