CT scan gives new look at ancient Egyptian animal mummies

CT scan gives new look at ancient Egyptian animal mummies

Researchers got a glimpse into the past, examining 13 mummified Egyptian critters from more than 2,000 years ago in a CT scan.

The thirteen creatures, including a crocodile, three fish, two cats, a mouse, five birds and one scarab beetle, were seen for the first time using a computed tomography, or CT, scan in Amsterdam.

“The animal mummies were in vogue between the seventh century BC and the second century AD,” Ben van den Bercken, curator at the Allard Pierson museum, said, according to a Dutch newspaper report.

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Scarab beetles and crocodiles were revered in ancient Egypt, as symbolic of Khepri, a god associated with the rising sun, and Sobek, a complex god associated with fertility and martial power.

The crocodile has never been removed from its bandages — and with a CT scan, it doesn’t have to be.

“With the high-resolution imaging … we can really see everything,” CT technician Nick Lobé said, according to the report.

The cats,

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