Crypto CFDs Are Popping Up Like Mushrooms – Here’s Why

Crypto CFDs Are Popping Up Like Mushrooms – Here’s Why

Thanks to its high volatility and price momentum, cryptocurrency is an increasingly popular asset class amongst retail day traders. CFDs that track price changes in major tokens make cryptos even more accessible for investors without the steep learning curve that traditionally accompanies cryptocurrencies.

Fewer Obstacles Attract Investors to Products That Mirror Cryptos 1-to-1

Over the last year, the resurgent popularity of cryptocurrencies, which has closely tracked the appreciation in major coins, has managed to drive more awareness and engagement than the previous adoption wave, demonstrating cryptos staying power. Besides drawing enormous attention to the space, more consumers than ever before are using cryptocurrencies as a means of transacting.

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For eager traders, cryptocurrencies’ opportunity is evident due to their volatile characteristics and rapid price swings. Unlike traditional asset classes like stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, or commodities, cryptocurrencies often make double-digit percent-based movements intraday, making them an exceptional tool for speculators and day traders attempting to capitalize on sharp market swings.

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