Crowd Gathers For ‘Occupy City Hall’ Protest In New York City

Crowd Gathers For ‘Occupy City Hall’ Protest In New York City

Protesters gathered Tuesday outside of New York City’s City Hall to demand that the city council vote to cut $1 billion from the NYPD budget.

A man showed up in the afternoon wearing a Spider-Man costume to encourage protesters to engage in dialogue with those they disagree with.

If “the 20-somethings, the 30-somethings, even the teenagers, don’t learn how to have a conversation with people, our peers that may think different than us, we ain’t gonna progress as a society,” he told the crowd. “You gotta have discussions, you gotta learn how to have a dialogue … and that’s what this generation has lost.”

Spider-Man arrived at the occupy spot with pizzas and a speech about learning to listen to those who disagree with you:

— Shelby Talcott (@ShelbyTalcott) June 30, 2020

He later had a run-in with a Trump supporter who showed up at the protests with a sign that said “all lives matter.” A crowd confronted the man as Spider-Man tried to de-escalate the situation. The Trump supporter was eventually lead away by the police. (RELATED: ‘It’s Definitely A Revolution-Liberation Movement’: Protesters Demand $1 Billion Cut To NYPD Budget)

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