Critics: Joe Biden Is Restarting 'Hunger Games' Migration Policy

Critics: Joe Biden Is Restarting 'Hunger Games' Migration Policy

President-elect Joe Biden is promising to aid Central American countries — but he is also promising to extract more of their valuable young workers and consumers for exploitation inside the United States via the semi-official “Hunger Games” obstacle course between migrants’ homes and U.S. jobs.

Biden’s promises to aid Central America obscure the damage and political risks of the Democrats’ extraction policies, which are extremely unpopular.

But Biden’s promises are just the latest stage in the multi-decade campaign by allied progressives and Wall Street investors to overcome the public’s migration preferences.

That long campaign has fractured and loopholed what once was expected by the public to be an orderly legal immigration system for legal migrants from south of the U.S. border.

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What is left is a de facto obstacle course migration system for blue-collar migrants — a chaotic Hunger Games trail of loans, coyotes, cartels, rape, deserts, weather, border laws, barriers, rescuers, transport,

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