Critics Blast 'Freedom Day' Narrative as Britain Remains Masked

Critics Blast 'Freedom Day' Narrative as Britain Remains Masked

Today is ‘Freedom Day’ in Britain, with many restrictions on personal liberty lifted, at least in theory, and venues such as nightclubs allowed to reopen — but critics say the liberation is largely illusory.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged Britons to enjoy what freedom has been extended to them “cautiously”.

These freedoms include an end to the legal requirement to wear face coverings — but people may find this makes no practical difference to their lives, with the likes of London mayor Sadiq Khan imposing their own mask mandates and many private businesses making face coverings a requirement on their own.

Moreover, many will be unable to enjoy the relaxation of restrictions on their liberty today as a result of being ordered to self-isolate as contacts of someone with a confirmed Covid infection.

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According to Dan Wootton, for example, “5,200 military staff members are off work isolating… One in

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