COVID Deaths Cost NY Congressional Seat in 2020 Census

COVID Deaths Cost NY Congressional Seat in 2020 Census

It’s one of those statistical near-misses that bears examination.

No, the fact that New York lost a congressional seat because of less than a hundred people, according to reports, doesn’t compare in import to the 537 votes in Florida that decided the 2000 presidential election in favor of George W. Bush.

New York was one of seven states to lose a House of Representatives seat after the 2020 census results, along with California, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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However, it was expected they would lose a seat, and many predicted they would lose multiple seats. As Dan McLaughlin pointed out at National Review, Democrats are in control of the state legislature there and can redo the map to, if possible, eliminate a Republican district.

(Some have also speculated that if state Democrats were particularly enterprising and/or devious, they could rid themselves of a pest of their own by significantly

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