COVID-19 testing lines swell across US amid influx of cases

COVID-19 testing lines swell across US amid influx of cases

Coronavirus testing lines swelled as swaths of the country battled spikes in infections and hospitalizations in recent weeks, new photos and videos show.

In Newark, NJ — where Mayor Ray Baraka on Thursday imposed more restrictive measures in an attempt to stem the tide — dozens of drivers lined up at a testing site as workers in personal protective gear took their information.

Baraka’s new measures include mandatory masks in all restaurants, businesses and offices, temperature check requirements for anyone entering office buildings and a 10-person limit on gatherings. Violators will face harsh penalties.

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“I know these measures seem extreme. And we’ve been getting pushback from a lot of people,” Baraka told reporters. “It’s reminiscent of what we did in March and April. I was the mean father, the bad guy in April. And I was getting emails and texts about how horrible and draconian these measures were. In June and July, people were sending me roses because while

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