COVID-19 popularized decentralization, but blockchain may not catch on

COVID-19 popularized decentralization, but blockchain may not catch on

On Nov. 9, drugmaker Pfizer announced that its COVID-19 vaccine is 90-plus percent effective, and even though it may be premature to proclaim the pandemic’s end — as the virus continues to rage in the United States and Europe — once can at least speculate: Where will blockchain adoption stand when the crisis abates?

Some predicted, after all, that the global healthcare upheaval might provide a perfect storm for worldwide blockchain adoption. A Harvard Business Review article from April titled “How the Pandemic Is Pushing Blockchain Forward,” for instance, notes:

“The virus has revealed the weaknesses in our supply chains, our inability to deploy resources where they are most needed to address the pandemic. […] Blockchain solutions that have been under development for years have been repurposed and unleashed to address these challenges.”

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Will decentralization go on?

The world was moving toward a more decentralized economic structure even before the coronavirus pandemic, but the crisis — with its

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