COVID-19 Lockdowns Spark A ‘Footloose’ Revival Across America

COVID-19 Lockdowns Spark A ‘Footloose’ Revival Across America

I remember the first time I watched “Footloose” and asked my mom, “No one would really ever ban dancing, right?” “No,” my mom laughed, “It’s just a silly ’80s movie.” My mom was wrong.

It’s 2021 and the premise of “Footloose,” a town that bans dancing and consequently prom, has officially come to life. But it’s not the conservative preachers leading the prom crackdown. This time, the zealots are anti-science Joe Biden voters.

In this “Footloose” reboot, the sophisticated urbanites can’t sit back and smugly mock the closed-mindedness of rural, Christian America because the most aggressive and punitive COVID-19 lockdown enforcers are from Democrat cities.

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In May, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser banned dancing at receptions, even if everyone participating is vaccinated and wearing masks, according to her latest COVID-19 restrictions decree. Even if there is no formal ban on dancing, state and local governments have made it all but official with strict social distancing rules and capacity limits.


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