Court Considers Whether Harvard Discriminates During Its Admissions Process

Court Considers Whether Harvard Discriminates During Its Admissions Process

An appeals court in Boston heard a lawsuit Wednesday that alleges Harvard University restricted the number of Asian-Americans at the school, Reuters reported.

The First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, Massachusetts heard a lawsuit The Students for Fair Admissions filed against Harvard University in 2014 alleging the school has restricted the number of Asian-Americans it admitted, Reuters reported. (RELATED: Justice Department Probe Into Yale Finds Civil Rights Violations, Discrimination Against Asian American And White Applicants)

Harvard denied the lawsuit’s allegation and said they are promoting diversity in the student community legally, Reuters reported.

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“We are grateful the judges on the First Circuit were well-prepared for this important argument,” President of Students for Fair Admissions Edward Blum told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“If necessary, Students for Fair Admissions is prepared to take this case to the U.S. Supreme Court,” he added. “It is gravely disconcerting that Harvard’s admissions officers systematically gave Asian-Americans the lowest scores on personality traits such as likability, kindness and courage.”

An appeals court will hear arguments Wednesday about the role of race in undergraduate admissions at Harvard, and the outcome could reshape how colleges select students

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