Could President Trump Do This?

Could President Trump Do This?

Perry Stone just released this video and I thought it was an interesting question…

I’ll let you watch him explain it but basically he said he had the idea the other day that perhaps President Trump might sue all these people for defamation.

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Which people?

All the people who are spreading lies about him relating to the January 6 (ANTIFA) insurrection.

Those lies have let to dozens and dozens of businesses refusing to do business with President Trump in the future.

Banks, business partners, financial institutions, retailers….the list goes on and on.

But what if those lies were all proven to be false?

Knowingly false?

Recklessly false?

Intentionally false?

False and designed to harm President Trump’s business interests….

Would he have a case?

Listen to Perry lay it all out here:

Look, I’m not a lawyer, I just play one here on the Internet, but here are my thoughts….

My understanding is that it’s very difficult

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