Corporate Media And Leftist Corporations Are Living In Unreality

Corporate Media And Leftist Corporations Are Living In Unreality

If you follow the news, you know that something has changed. I’m not talking about media bias. The media has always been biased, sometimes in obvious and childlike ways, sometimes more subtly. That’s not what’s different.

What’s different is that corporate news outlets, together with major corporations of all kinds, now routinely present what is false as true and what is true as false. They deceive on purpose and without apology, and they do so in service of a leftist ideological and political agenda. This is new, and it’s dangerous.

Examples of this new media unreality are ubiquitous. Almost all the reporting on Georgia’s election reform law, for example, has been incorrect, misleading, or outright deceptive.

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Amid a barrage of “reporting” and commentary on the law—including outlandish and false statements from President Biden, who said it amounted to “Jim Crow in the 21st century” and called the law “sick” and “un-American”—it has been nearly impossible to find any straight

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