Corporate Bitcoin frenzy: companies now hold $15.3 billion in BTC

Corporate Bitcoin frenzy: companies now hold $15.3 billion in BTC

As of Nov. 20, companies hold around 842,229 BTC or 4.54% of today’s Bitcoin (BTC) supply, according to the Clark Moody dashboard and data from This is equivalent to a staggering $15.3 billion at the current price of $18,200.

Public companies and institutional investors are continuously accumulating Bitcoin. The spark that began with MicroStrategy’s ambitious $425 million BTC purchase has led to a broad institutional frenzy around the dominant cryptocurrency.

The number of Bitcoin held by corporate treasuries. Source: Clark Moody Why are institutions and companies acquiring Bitcoin now?

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The demand for Bitcoin from companies and institutions likely comes from its growing reputation as a digital store of value.

Bitcoin is unique in that it can hedge portfolios against inflation, like gold, but has the potential to see exponential growth.

Hedge assets are typically stagnant and demonstrate low volatility over a prolonged period. They are meant to operate as insurance for a diversified portfolio so that when the market

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