Coronavirus Walmart Licker Cody Lee Pfister Arrested, Charged with Terrorism

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Could intentionally spreading the coronavirus be considered a terrorist act?

Yes… if the Warrenton Police Department has anything to say about it.

Cody Lee Pfister was arrested for licking items at a Missouri Walmart to mock fears around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pfister posted the video online and asked, “Who’s scared of the coronavirus?”

It didn’t take long before people began calling the Warrenton Police Department.

Local residents as well as people from around the globe called to complain. Calls were coming from countries including Ireland, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

See Pfister’s video below:

Health authorities continue to urge Americans to practice healthy hygiene including washing their hands and observing social distancing.

Medical experts also recommend that you avoid touching your face.

Pfister, however, licked items at his local Walmart, any of which would have been infected.

It is not clear whether or not he has COVID-19, and it is now being

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