Coronavirus: U.S. Working to Repatriate 13,500 Americans Stuck Overseas


U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration is trying to repatriate 13,500 Americans stranded overseas amid the accelerating coronavirus global outbreak, a State Department official revealed on Monday.

The Trump administration has already evacuated some 5,700 Americans from 17 countries, according to State.

Speaking on background, the official noted the U.S. is using military aircraft, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deportation planes, and chartered flights to get some Americans home while asking others to avail themselves of commercial means to return when possible.

“We are also helping private carriers increase the number of flights they have,” the official said.

The window to return to the United States by commercial planes is “closing fast,” State warned.

The State Department’s message to people overseas is for them to try to leave now unless they are “ready to ride out an undetermined period of time” at their current location, the official said.

An estimated ten million

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