Coronavirus Reaches Pope Francis' Residence in Vatican


ROME — An Italian prelate who lives in the same residence as Pope Francis tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus on Wednesday and has been hospitalized in intensive care, Italian media report.

Monsignor Gianluca Pezzoli, the 58-year-old head of the Italian section of the Vatican’s Secretary of State, lives in the Santa Marta residence where Pope Francis also lives, along with several other priests and prelates who work in the Vatican services.

Comprehensive disinfection measures have reportedly been undertaken for the entire building.

The pope has his own apartment in the residence and reportedly has not been in direct contact with Msgr. Pezzoli. For some time, he no longer eats his meals in the common dining room and spends the bulk of his time in his top floor apartment. His personal secretary brings him lunch and dinner.

On Tuesday, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni reported on four cases of COVID-19 at

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