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Coronavirus brought me true love — through foster dogs

Amidst the pandemic, East Village hair stylist Eloise Cheung, 43, decided to do something she always wanted: foster dogs. So far, she has taken in four puppies who have been permanently placed with families.

I have always wanted to foster a dog. But as a hair stylist, I work on magazine, commercials and movie sets, and my schedule is always unpredictable and involves a lot of travel.

As the coronavirus loomed, I knew that I wouldn’t be working for a while, so I sent an application to Social Tees Animal Rescue. Soon, I had Dora, a Shih Tzu mix who was dumped at a shelter in Tennessee. Having an animal around is pure unconditional love. The physical contact and hugs were wonderful.

After Dora was adopted, I took in 8-week-old terrier-mix sisters Helena and Hester. They were so adorable, but it was like having babies — constant attention. But that structure is good — I can’t just sit in

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