Coons: 'Trump's Two-Week-Long Temper Tantrum' an International 'Embarrassment'

Coons: 'Trump's Two-Week-Long Temper Tantrum' an International 'Embarrassment'

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) said Friday on CNN’s “Newsroom” that President Donald Trump’s election legal actions were a “two-week-long temper tantrum.”

CNN’s Dana Bash said, “Let’s start with what you just mention about your Republican colleagues in the Senate. I know you have real relationships across the aisle. You talk to them in private. What is your sense from those behind the scenes conversations about when they will finally come out, A, and B, whether or not they think it will really have impact or thinking it is time to do that for history’s sake.”

Coon said, “Well, I keep making the argument with a dozen friends, colleagues who are Republican Senators that this is hurting us globally, that it is going to hurt us domestically, and it is past time to make the case, whether privately or publicly. Some say they are urging a transition, communicating with the GSA

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